czwartek, 23 stycznia 2014

oh, sing it to me!

I was planning to do this post for a looong time, but i wasn't in a right mood, i guess. So this one will be about some huge part of my life. That part which is really important and i can't imagine my life without it.

I already told you in some of previous posts how much I love music. And there are tickets from concerts I attended to. Every single concert was AWESOME. I mean it, guys! Live performances are the greatest! I love seeing my favourite bands on a stage. They are so passionate about what they're doing. Vocalists always put their hearts into the songs when they sing for their audience and the rest of band's members do their best to play on the instruments. I always get crazy at the concerts! When I'm in a screaming and singing crowd I feel so ALIVE. You know what I like most about live playing? That I actually can feel the music flowing through my body and pulsating in my veins. It really gets into my heart.

Ok, first concert I was at was Tokio Hotel's performance. It was also my first meeting with my ex-friend, who lived in a different city than I. Most of the time we were laughing at Bill's appearance and Tom's face expressions. They were so adorable, funny and cute. I really loved TH those days, but now I barely listen to them.

Then was the Rise Against. They were playing in a students' club called Barn. I was there with my ex-boyfriend. (ex again -,-") We were having great fun. It was he's first concerts so I was glad to be there with him. We totally enjoyed our time.

Next was Black veil brides. They play screamo/rock music. Their appearance rocks! And before BVB, there was a support band playing. They are called Yashin. The best support I've ever seen and heard! After concert I had a pleasure to talk with one of Yashin's vocalist. He was totally cute and in my style.

The fourth concert was big music event in Poland. Four bands were playing there, but I really wanted to see only one band. It was Linkin Park. I bought tickets for me and my ex-bf, because LP was his favourite band. They were great!

And the last one - Rise Against again. The concert was taking place on the outside. Live music, fresh air - beautiful combination.

um, yeah guys. so it's me again. i'm back. again. but i'm not sure how long it will last this time. but enjoy your time.

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  1. yess concerts are awesome! i hope Patrick Wolf will be in Poland soon...

  2. Nice :)
    Maria V.