piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

hot monkey, hot ass, cold beer, no class

You know that movie "Unmade beds"? I watched it lately. the story was saaad. Oh, poor Alex who's looking for his father and poor Vera who's looking for real feelings and someone matched to her, i guess. Beyond the story, there was also a good music in background. Two songs are stuck in my head. One of them is THAT meaningless that it just makes a new sense to me. xD (Hot monkey!) You know that feeling? And the second one is very similiar to my first meating with one boy. (Hello)
And another thing i loved in "Unmade beds" was that every single person there was BEAUTIFUL. ah, i recommend it to every dreamer and every romantic soul.

And now some photos. (It was supposed to be a post only with photos, but i titled it in that way and just MUST write a little about movie, sooorryyy!)

~ bye bye

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  1. oh my, that ice cream looks so yummy! I read some posts on your blog and I really enjoy reading them :) oooooh and and and, your creepers in the previous post were just AMAZING! I own (fake) creepers with dalmatian dots and I totally love them, but yours are so adorable as well <3