środa, 8 maja 2013

you can count on me to misbehave

what's for now? um, two exams are behind me. i did pretty good at the first one (at least i hope so). but today was worse. oh, how i hate math!
i'm tired, i don't sleep much. everything connected with school should come to an end so i'll have less to worry about. but to be honest, i have only one thing to worry about and it lasts for months. i wish i just could forget everything and start all over. but it would be too easy and life doesn't like being easy. ;)

some photos from yesterday

lately, i'm obsessed with Marina's music. it fills me with some optimistic feelings.
Marina and the diamonds - Primadonna
Marina and the diamonds - How to be a heartbreaker
Marina and the diamonds - Power&control

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  1. yesss marina <33 best pop ever~
    exams sucks T^T

  2. You have a beautiful blog, I propose to follow each other)


  3. Amazing!!
    I have a post about my engagement ring and proposal...very important moment in my life and, as a blogger, I'd love to share it with you too :)