sobota, 11 maja 2013

I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but i’m still looking pretty in this dress

ah, this post will be just a big mix of everything, i guess. my mood, which usually behaves like a huge roller coaster, seems to slow down now. i might even say that i'm happy. it is probably because of the yesterday and because of the night. both of them were great. yesterday, in the afternoon i went shopping with Pigeon (hers blog) and then i was staying at her house. we were having a sleepover. sleepovers at her house are always great! oh, i really love spending time there. so, we bought a huge bottle of red wine for ourselves and some food, of course. we were having an awesome time, drinking, eating, singing Marina's songs, playing pick-a-stick (which was pretty funny 'cause we were a little drunk). we also played truth or dare. Pigeon is good at it, but i actually suck. and we phoned my friend at night. this guy is awesome (yeah, i already wrote about him). we had a really nice talk. :3
oh, i almost forget! we also went to a new bar in our neighbourhood. it's called 'Get Green!' and, as you already could guess, only healthy stuff is served there. i took a delicious smoothie named 'blueberry kiss' and Pigeon took something with banana. we ate strawberry tart with cream made of withe chocolate and mascarpone cheese. oh god, evertyhing was so tasty that we're going there soon again. ;p

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  1. awwww you're so adorable, i love our sleepovers <33
    [gonna make a post about it too]

    this tart is in my heart.

  2. i nominated this blog for the versatile blogger award! the post is on my blog

  3. looks yummy! would you like to follow each other on blogger and instagram? If yes let me know!!
    Instagram: @alinasfashtips