piątek, 23 sierpnia 2013


hello guys! i'm back from 2-weeks lasting trip. i was at the seaside, in my favourite country town. it is really quiet and peaceful, you know, just perfect place for someone like me. um, am i better after that break? not really no, but i'm still working on it. i try going out as much as i can. i barely spend time at home lately, which is a good way to cure depression, i think. i just can focus on many other things and "go outside my head". i also exercise a lot, like bike riding, outside gym etc. i needed to do something for my health and body finally!

ok, lets leave the general things. i wanna write about my latest obssesion. i got addicted to Lana del Rey's songs. ;____; at the begging of her career, i thought that she's ugly and not that talented. but i fell in love with few of her songs. that explains the title of this post, which is Lana's song title. the lyrics may be not "deep" but i can relate to some of them. and Lana has really calm, interesting and beauty voice. i listen to her when i wanna calm down or when i'm really sad.

just look at her!

and favourite songs

Young and beautiful
Summertime sadness
Blue jeans
Video games

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  1. it's all because of gatsby >3<


  2. oh, i can always count on your comments! it will be a note about Gatsby soon. :3