poniedziałek, 26 sierpnia 2013

pretty little goodies

Hi guys! I'd like to show you some things i own.

I received this small notebook from Pigeon. She bought it for me at her journey to Belgium. The cover is lovely, at least in my opinion. At first i was so scared to write anything in it, because i was worried that I would ruin it with my awful handwriting. And I also didn't know what to write there. But finally I decided to put my own thoughts and favourite fragments of lyrics in it. Take a look:

This thing i also received from Pigeon. It is the most adorable package for tissues I've ever seen. I won't use any hankie because they are too lovely!

Two notebooks I bought for myself. No need to explain, just look at the inscriptions. ;p

And postcards with photos of Freddie Mercury and Bob Marley, Warhol's style. This with Marley is from my grandma and the other one I bought on my own.

I enjoy surrounding myself with stuffs like these above. I'm sure that my future house will be full of such thingies.

~ Yaaaay!

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  1. i'm glad you like my presents *^^*
    and the postcards are cool <3