piątek, 7 czerwca 2013


like it is said in post's title, this one would be about aspects of me that i'm not happy or proud about. lately, i'm getting obsessed with my weight. i wasn't thinking about it for a while but it came back. and now i'm feeling fat and ugly. ;_____; i must go on a diet. i've been searching for a good one for couple of days.
i was trying to lose weight on last vacation. it worked. i lost 5kg in 4 days.
so, i'm going to work on myself from monday. i'd like to lose about 7kg. wish me luck. i'm really gonna need it.

oh, and i haven't been writing for a while. i already have holiday, but a lot of things are happening. i'm planning to find a part-time job. and i've also started a new relationship this week. maybe it will get better soon and i'll be happier.

haha, i was supposed to write about my complexes and i actually ended on something else ;p

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  1. complexes suck, man. Mine are so HUGE I have to devote a whole blog to them ;) LOL


    1. they shouldn't exist at all. world would be a better place then ;p

  2. What on earth did you do to lose 5kgs in four days?! I know what you mean about complexes, they can be really toxic. Sometimes it's better to just let things go. I'm still working on it myself though. Check out my blog too if you get the chance :)

    M ♥ xx


    1. i was on a special diet which is called copenhagen diet. it's awful. food that you have to eat tastes disgusting. i don't recommend it to anyone.

      btw, thank you for your comment :3

  3. lovely blog<3


  4. this sounds like you're feeling blue, but at least your blog is lovely! I like your cat paws tattoo, it looks so cuteee! :)
    this looks like it's going to be a very magically place someday :)

    1. oh, i must say that i felt a way better after reading your comment. thank you very very much :3