niedziela, 28 kwietnia 2013

the more i see, the less i know.

maybe it's finally time to let the past be the past. what's done is done. and it should be left. i can't change past but i have an influence on my future. and it's time to do something.

friday was my last day of school year. now, only 8 matura exams and i'll be free. it was pretty good day. i was running barefoot at the green grass and felt kinda happy. in the evening i was at the club with my friends.
saturday was kinda boring. mostly studying.
sunday - i spent all morning and afternoon at learning. then i met with my ex-boy, who is no longer my ex. we're back together. again. i guess. and i hope it will work this time.
och, and i saw two hedgehogs. lovely.

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